About Me


Jessica Sobolewski

Self-Care Boss

I’m Jessica, a cheerful and enthusiastic individual proudly calling New Jersey my home. As a devoted mom, I find boundless joy in sharing love and laughter with my family. And let’s not forget my culinary passions – nothing beats the delightful combination of pizza, bagels, and a perfect cup of coffee to brighten my day!

Working from home has been an incredible journey that has allowed me to strike the perfect balance between my personal and professional life. It has given me the flexibility to nurture my loved ones while pursuing my passion for creating positive change in people’s lives.

Discovering the importance of self-care was a transformative moment for me. I realized that when I took even the tiniest moments to care for myself, it had an outsized impact on how I approached each day. Whether it was enjoying a few minutes of peaceful meditation or simply savoring a quiet moment with a good book, I began to appreciate the value of self-nurturing.

Now, I’m on a mission to share this newfound wisdom with others. My heart swells with excitement at the thought of helping people realize how simple acts of self-care can significantly improve their overall well-being. I’m a firm believer that a happy, energized individual radiates positivity, which then ripples out to touch the lives of those around them.

When I’m not busy juggling my roles as a mom and remote worker, you’ll find me exploring cozy cafes, searching for that perfect cup of joe to invigorate my senses. I’m also an avid reader, constantly delving into personal development books mixed into my stash of psychological thrillers. 

Join me on this uplifting journey of self-discovery and personal growth! Let’s celebrate the small moments that make life truly meaningful and harness the power of self-love to enrich our days. Together, we’ll cultivate a life filled with joy, purpose and a deep appreciation for the beauty of everyday living. I’m thrilled to connect with you and embark on this transformative adventure together!